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Saturday, August 20, 2011

These Are the Moments

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Out of A Kangaroo By A Convict

My Mom is a unique and rare women. Her story spans the last century showing where we've come historical as both a people, nation and world. A compelling epic journey spanning continents, from the outback of Australia, WWII, and the still remote frontier of the West in America.

A Family Reunion to Remember

In 2010 the extended family was together for a rare time to spend warm August days on beautiful Lake Pateros, from boating to riding horseback, we all had good times.

Hawaii 2011
Hawaii, like for so many has become a family tradition since the early 1970's when Lynn, Grandpa and Mom first visited. Since then at least once a year the sandy beaches and warm surf has brought fond memories as the family has continued to grow.

Travels in the Great Northwest
The family origins have always been tied to Washington state and the northwest with it's magnificent scenery, healthy lifestyles and friendly smiles. For many years "Fertility Farm" was the focus of living life from the natural origins, respecting all living things. Now fallow the farm long history as orchard, goat ranch, and menagerie of critters from buffalo to burro, and skunks to peacocks.